S_portrait photo by L

S_portrait photo by L

Message to all of us

Artist Statement

It is very nice to have you all here.
To meet other peoples and things are fatal.

Now days we are confront a hard time living, not only wealth but sprits.
My creation comes from heaven to show you the importance to believe and pray.
It can be odd for a moment but look inside your heart there is other yourself who are watching you.

Who is that.
That is your will. Your own will? NO.
That is our will. That is God ’s will.

Please look around you. There is a tiny flower beside the road. When you drive you never mention.
Stop once. Stop twice. There is your findings. We are full of lives. All the lives are full of love.

Humans life are short.
My creation comes from hell to show you the importance to believe and pray.
Please look around you. . There is a large crows flying over the buildings. When you walk you never look up.
Stop once. Stop twice. There is something you never imagine. All the things belongs to God.

Please fell the breath of law of universe.
All of my creations comes to share you all of my spirit and God.


Curriculum Vitae

Born TOKYO, Japan 1975

1996 to 2000 BFA, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan

2014–2017 LOS Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2009 The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Art in New york, Tokyo, Japan
2008 Shinagawa Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2007 Colling Wood Gallery, Perspectives on LOVE By 50 male artists, Melbourne, Australia
2006 Colling Wood Gallery, Art Collection, Melbourne, Australia

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