Japanese Candy Bar is the best

Japanese Candy Bar "hanjuku chocolat"

Japanese Candy Bar “hanjuku chocolat”

This week Japan has  serial vacation days.

With  fine days made me going out of my studio.

Artist is full of stress to produce the art.

Inspiration is the most important.

So I went to supermarket to find a new product.


There are many good reasons to live in Japan-Candy Bar.

I believe Candy Bar made in Japan is the best in the world.

Not too sweet, not too bitter, not fatty.

I strongly recommend you all “Hanjyuku Chocolat“.

It has five 2 inches Chocolate Bar, which are baked in rare.

Almost like chocolate cake. But it is chocolate itself.

I never meet such a delicious one before.

I do not know it is imported in US or other country, but you should try

at least once.

That is a Modern Art of Candy Bar.

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