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To who love your Pet as your Family! Let me draw an original beautiful moment of yours as an Order picture.

order picture top

order picture top

The reasons to order to Siena Hayashi your order picture.

1)Beautiful and Fantastic sense of drawing.

As you see his Artwork, that is beautiful, fantastic make your life happy and calm. Please image in your home, in your office, in your church you have his picture.

2)Sophisticated person with Christianity.

Please watch his interview. You know his is a good person with Christianity. Investment on him helps your spirits and future.

3)Based on technique of Japanese drawing applied to western picture.

He is talented painter based on technique of Japanese drawing, precise work with unique materials. But as you know his name Siena come from Italian city, and his life and value are western and also Japanese. That makes him unique.

4)Only one makes the value in a future.

He is getting famous step by step in a near future, that means you can count on his value. Modern Artwork is a good item to make investment. New economic like Chinese riches order great amount of money to Art.


Order Picture of yours starts from US$100,000.


Total cost will be depend on the place, timing, size of the picture.

Ask anytime you want.

We do international deal with sure business manner.

Please give us a mail to start the future!

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