Hope of the people at Kameido Tenjin

It was a hard heat around Tokyo in these weeks.

Many weak people went to heaven by heat.

Mega city like New York, Tokyo is not able to cool down itself


I heard Tokyo had a city plan to spread green belt, series of wood, to cool down.

But economical reason the plan was neglected and we rushed to build.

This place, Kameido shrine is surrounded by houses and buildings .


Kameido Shrine

It is like an oasis in the desert.


Kameido shrine is famous for enhancing the power of study and success.


Ema at Kameido Shrine

From young child to old many peoples visit to pray.

The hopes of the people has a variety.

If you can read it, it is fun.

It was high time for me to leave here not to forget to visit dumpling pub.


Dumpling at Kameido gyoza

Near the Kameido station , we have an old dumpling pub.

Called Kameido gyoza.

You can have five dumpling per one dish for $2.5.

Minimum order is two dishes.

The pub has no rice, no soup only dumpling and beverage.

It was a happy moment to eat a good dumpling but I has to think about the people

who lost their lives in the war.


Today August 15th is the end of war.

Japanese ordinary peoples fight back to survive.

We fight for imperialism of Western nations, mainly America.

I think about the hope of the people who want to survive and save their families.

The only thing I can do is painting.

I pray and draw for God.

I pray and draw the ordinal people who die for their families.

That is my hope.

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