Japanese Temple Art is there

Honmonji temple at Ikegami

Honmonji temple at Ikegami

In these days in Japan weather is quite unusual, also on the earth.

The Climate has changed a lot.

It is almost November we have 25C.

Warm and clean like spring.

High time for me to walk out of my studio.


I visited Ikegami. Ikegami is south part of Tokyo.

There are huge temple called ‘Ikegami Honmonji‘.

It was burned by US bombs now it is made of iron.

Top of the Honmonji

Top of the Honmonji

I love the decoration of reef.

It is a real temple Art.

Art of the ancient people in India came to Japan through China continent.

It has no more golden but came to “Wabi sabi“.

Calm colors are more richer than Gold itself.

It is a Japanese way.


Japanese temple Art is awesome.

Tip of the tower has Art

Tip of the tower has Art

Old Honmonji had a tower, the remain is tip of it.

I think that is the sun or fire itself to show the old people to pray.

Primitive but you know the sun is the center of energy.

We are in the modern world never reach for the sun.

In ancient Egypt, Atenism was there.

God was the sun itself.

It is natural to pray for the sun scientifically.

As a christian, the creator had made every things in the world.

Even the sun, even the world itself.

Pebbles at Honmonji

Pebbles at Honmonji

The human beings are the pebbles on the ground.

The creator gave us a chance to live and pray.

I felt with Art of God even in the stone of the road.

There are full of Love.


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