Mr. President Trump can make only America greater again?

45th President of U.S.A D.J.Trump

45th President of U.S.A D.J.Trump

Mr.President Trump become a reality.

We , rest of the world, do realized the top clout can change our life.

Stock market is snaking.

Every powerful Paper, TV, radio ,Internet media criticize Trump, but he just tweet.

It is funny and his tweet becomes an official document.

Even American people can not see what should be occur.


U.S.A is an artificial country, doing over 200 years experiment.

protest to something powerful

protest to something powerful

EU try to be as U.S.A for the economic reason but “Brixit” shew the start of transformation.

How long EU will make an experiment.

As a military power and economics U.S.A is the best of the best now.

No other country, include China, can reach.

American got a super power alone.

So Mr.Trump and normal Americans think there is no enemy, we can spend our tax budget to Americans only.

I know, we know U. S. A could survive alone.

Energy food water whatever in our modern life in America is self-sustaining.

But please think twice. Not to do everythings at once.

Hey do not forget about NATO , Japan-US Alliance, stable middle east!

Immigrants change Europe even America.

Not to talk about refugees.


Elder immigrants exploit new immigrants.

This is the fact. Elder immigrants exploit new immigrants.

Successor , who became rich in U.S, many of them are WASP and Jew.

New immigrants, many from Mexico and other South America countries, work with few wedges help elder immigrants who came to America 200 years before.

Now muslim people are increasing.

Catholic will be a majority.

This is funny tale in modern world, but it is all real .


As an Artist, Christian Painter, I draw out my spirit to Picture.

I do believe in Human beings.

Americans can not live on the earth alone.

Not to see back, not to say make America greater again, please say make a new history of great America again.


Words from the Book

Genesis 12:2

And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.


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