Seafood and hot spring at “Himi”.

Hot spring at Himi

Hot spring at Himi

Seafood and hot spring are the reason to visit “Himi“, north part of “Toyama”.

Rich sea stream gives us tons of seafood.

Now we have a special long vacation in Japan.

So to speak “Golden week”, lovely long term vacation almost a week.

That is good timing to go far with an ordinary family because everyone is free.

I choose hot spring and seafood at Himi, little fisherman’s village.

It takes almost 4 hours to reach there.

Take Hokuriku Shinkansen Express to Toyama and switch to the local train to Takaoka and finally reach to Himi station.

Take a taxi to reach the hotel “Isopp“.

It is off season here so I enjoy everything on my own.

The whole day you can occupy the huge hot spring.

So relaxing and Artistic days.

You will refresh to have warm and fresh air.


Seafood dinner at Himi

Seafood at Himi

Seafood at Himi

Now the time for dinner.

I feel it is good to eat in your own room.

Watch the sea changing by a minute.

It is a luxury time.


Sashimi at Himi

Sashimi at Himi

Yummy sea Urchin.

Every seafood is perfect.

The dish is like a frozen ice plate.

It gives us coolness.


White shrimp at Toyama

White shrimp at Toyama

This is famous and precious shrimp.

White shrimp is the only shrimp that is caught at Toyama gulf.

The best season is now April to June.

It is gently soft and sweet, tasty.

You should try this Artistic taste in your life.


Sazae at Himi

Sazae at Himi

Raw body of a turban shell.

Mixed with seaweed and marinade.

Very good for Sake and beer.


Shabu shabu of Hotaru squid

Shabu-shabu of Hotaru squid

Hotaru squid is also famous and seasonal seafood here.

You can eat with Shabu-shabu, boil with hot water shortly by your favor.

It is malty sweet and fatty with a good flavor.

They have a strong flavor of the sea, western people do not like.


Fried flatfish

Fried flatfish

I recommend you to eat this.

It is a whole fish but you can eat that all.

It is crunchy and delicious taste and very natural.

There is no strong flavor.

Japanese fish and chips.


Sauteed mackerel

Sauteed mackerel

This is the fish for spring.

Just a seasonal one to eat.

Fatty and good flavor.


Almost full moon at Himi

Almost full moon at Himi

I ate a lot.

Take off the room light.

You can see the almost full moon on the sea.

I thought it is like a picture of Rembrandt.

Fantastic and Artistic view of nature.

It was terrific to visit here to enjoy your life.


Psalm 8:3 ESV 

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,

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