Shibuya city is changing itself rapidly

So crowed intersection at Shibuya, TOKYO

So crowed intersection at Shibuya, TOKYO

When I was feeling badly , I move to a city Shibuya.

It is about 30 mins from my studio.

I absorb the energy of young people to create my art work.

It could be like New York but far from that in good meanings.

Shibuya is changing itself because of the station.

Many buildings are transformed into Sky Scraper.

But please mention. TOKYO has a lot of earthquakes.

I worried about the safety.


You can visit “Tokyu Hands” a famous creative hyper store in ten minutes walk.

TOKYU HANDS deals with all kinds of products, such as high-quality and high-functional livingware, fancy made-in-Japan bags, convenient travel goods, the latest Japanese stationery, unique articles, topical beauty products, and tools and materials for DIY.

TOKYU HANDS is a shop where you can find ideas and hints that make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. TOKYU HANDS is “THE ONE-STOP SHOP” chock-full of all kinds of goods, enjoyable discoveries, and surprises.

Art materials are there in a several ways .

I purchased several greeting cards for the friends in abroad.

Christmas is coming near. A little bit fast.


Smoking on the road in Shibuya is not good.

Smoking room in Shibuya

Smoking room in Shibuya

As Americans does smoking is not a trend in Japan.

But many young people in Shibuya smokes.

So Japan Tabacco made a room to smoke for the legal issue special

in Shibuya.

European people are still smoking especially in Russia. Asian loves to.

I am not good in smoking even I hate.

I do not know the reason to pay yourself to damage your health.

It was a quite lovely day , warm and low humidity.

When the new buildings come out

When the new buildings come out


Exodus 19:18

Now Mount Sinai was all in smoke because the LORD descended upon it in fire; and its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked violently.

This smoke is harder.

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