Stopped at “Kanazawa” city

Kanazawa Rail Station

Kanazawa Rail Station

I stop at “Kanazawa“, a famous historical city.

It called “Little Kyoto” to see the beautiful building and culture.

Now it is mixed up with modern and ancient as a big tourist spot.

You can take “Hokuriku Shinkansen“, a super express railway from Kanazawa to Tokyo.

It takes 2 hours and 30 min.


Visited “Kenroku-en” famous garden

Kenrokuen famous garden in Kanazawa

Kenrokuen famous garden in Kanazawa

You might visit a famous garden called “Kenroku-en“.

It is easy to reach there to take a bus.

You can take the bus in front of the Kanazawa station.

Stay at number 7 bus stop. And please check the route.

It will be 160 yen, at about 1.6 US$, in cash.


Kenrokuen famous garden in Kanazawa

Kenrokuen famous garden in Kanazawa

Kenroku-en, one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan.means a garden combining the six attributes of a perfect garden.

As a strolling-style landscape garden, it incorporates fancy designs in every corner, achieving peerless scenery in each season.

You can see the “Kotoji stone lanterns” get their name from the shape of the lantern itself, which looks similar to the bridge holding the strings of a “Koto” (Japanese harp) in place.

What’s more, the length of the left and right legs of the lantern differ, resulting in the creation of a feeling of beauty that is derived from the incomplete nature of the figure.

This scene is a place recognized as having one of the foremost scenic views in this garden.

Take a picture as an artistic panorama.


Walked down to the Market and eat lunch, Sushi

Market near the stationMarket near the station

After I visited Kenroku-en I went to the Market.

There is a lot of seafood.

All of them are fresh indeed.


Seafood Sushi

Seafood Sushi

I choose “Yamasan sushi“.

The seafood sushi looks marvelous.

It cost almost 30 US$.

We have to care about COVID-19 but this sushi restaurant was perfect for disinfection.

Of cause, it was delightfully delicious.


Visited the museum and eat a famous cake.

Beautiful artistic cakes

Beautiful artistic cakes

Famous Pastry Chef, called Mr.Tjiguchi raised near Kanazawa.

So they have a coffee shop in the museum.

Please look at the beautiful cakes.

They are a kind of Artwork.


Beautiful artistic cakes

Beautiful artistic cakes

Cafe in museum

Cafe in museum

I choose iced coffee.


Iced coffee

Iced coffee

And the cake of the month.

It called “Luxe”, it might not be correct.

Very complicated cake.

It looked splendid and tasted very good.


This month special cake

This month special cake

It was high time for me to leave Kanazawa.

I was content with many things.

And went back to my studio at night.


Ezekiel 4:12

And you shall eat it as a barley cake, baking it in their sight on human dung.”


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