Visited “Ise”

Entrance of Geku

Entrance of Geku

After the business meeting at Nagoya, the large city between Tokyo and Osaka, I visited “Ise“.

It takes 1 hour and a half from Nagoya, taking Express railway.

“Ise” has the traditional “Jin-gu“, the emperor’s shrine.

Mainly two places that are called “Geku” and “Naiku”.

Entrance of Geku

Entrance of Geku

Normally we start from Geku first.

There is no rule but it is said for a long time.

We ask for hope to the shrine so the Japanese tend not to tell straight about everything.

First, contact the GOD’s secretary then ask for the main GOD.

That is the way of Japanese wish.

The Main building of Geku

The main building of Geku

Inside the gate “Torii” we can not take any picture.

There is a GOD’s private field that is holly and solemn.

I thought that field is so simple and has a natural harmony and beauty.

The wind flowed.

That means GOD came.

We can take a bus to move to Naiku. Maybe 20 minutes.


Eating lunch before entering “Naiku”

Ise Udon noodle

Ise Udon noodle

There are many shops, mainly souvenir shops and selling snacks, beside Naiku.

I take lunch before exploring in Naiku.

Near the entrance bridge, we can see the “Iwatoya” souvenir shop.

They have a cheap restaurant inside the shop.

It is difficult for the foreigner to find the restaurant, ask the selling person.

It cost US$ 8. Just a tourist price.

But it is fairly good. Soft and thick noodles without soup.


Entrance bridge of NaikuEntrance bridge of Naiku

After you cross the bridge, there is the GOD palace.

Well-organized garden and clean pebbles, river and huge, tall trees.


Way to the main building

Way to the main building

You can reach the main building for twenty minutes walk.

The clean and fresh air makes you feel better.


The main building Shogu

The main building Shogu

Of cause, the picture is prohibited inside.

This is the main building called Shogu.

A divine palace of Amaterasu-Omikami stands here.

The Holy Mirror (a symbol of Amaterasu-Omikami) is enshrined inside the main sacred palace.

We never can see the real one but it is said so.

What do you hope for?


Clean pond

Clean pond

On the way back to the real world, we can see many beautiful and artistic things.

The clean pond is one of them.


Fuge carps

Huge Carps

You might not see such huge Carps.

Swimming gems.


Entrance bridge

Entrance bridge

Crossing the bridge you will be back to the real world.

But we are already purified walking in the GOD palace.


Dinner at famous restaurant “La Mer”

Shima Kanko Hotel the Bay Suite

Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suite

We can take an hour ride on the express train to reach “Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay suite

I stayed in that hotel.

They have a famous french restaurant called ” La Mer”, the sea.

I took a la carte.


These are welcome appetizers from the chef.

Fresh vegetables dip to the abalone liver sauce.

Ise Shrimp BIsque

Ise Shrimp Bisque

Famous Ise shrimp soup.

The condensed rich flavor of shrimp is like bisque.

Whipped white egg and shrimp foie gras are placed as the Bay Suite way.


Famous Abalone Steak

Famous Abalone Steak

It is not an exaggeration to try this dish.

So soft and rich flavor of abalone and butter.

You can eat a piece of bread dipping with a special sauce.

Fantastic taste.

It is a fragile but artistic dish.


Psalm 91:11 ESV 

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

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