Visiting Imperial Mausoleum at Nara

Imperial mausoleum in Nara

Imperial mausoleum in Nara

I rent an electric powered bicycle to see around .

It cost me 1800 yen, almost $15 /8 hours.

It was strange for me there was no deposit.

Some traveler can fetch the bicycle it worth almost $800.

I saw a travelers to enjoy their own bicycle.

It is a little bit silly to ride a racer type in Nara.

The main road is modern so easy to ride but inside the residential area the road is so narrow

and complicated that they can not ride fully.

May be Germans could.


Imperial mausoleum in Japan changed into woods.

A path between imperial mausoleum

A path between imperial mausoleum

There could have a pond near.

Long years changed the tumulus into woods.

The tumulus was design as a modern structure.

No trees at all.

To express their dignity on the edge Artist design it.

They layout tons of jewels, statures, religious place, gates.

People in the city can see all of them in an old days.

Not large as Pyramid, of course we have larger one, but there are lots of Imperial mausoleums.


After 2000 years we just have a woods and ponds.

It is all integrated in nature.

That is Japanese way.

Nobody can resist to nature.

Nobody can conquer the nature.

We human beings are a part of the nature that GOD created.

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