Walking down in Yokohama area

Sailing ship at Yokohama

Sailing ship at Yokohama

I walk down in a old city “Yokohama” 1hour trip from the center of Tokyo.

It is almost 30 min from my studio.

This year we have a lot of Typhoons in September, not as usual season.

It was rainy but I wanted to stimulate myself for painting.


Yokohama 21st Area is changing!

As you know western culture got into Japan at Yokohama.

For instance , Ice cream shop started in here as first.

Beef steak, silk jacket, shoes, etc many of western things started at Yokohama.

I walked down 21st Area, there are modern buildings and shopping center, residence.

Future of Yokohama.

Museum attracted me but this time I wanted to see the Yokohama Bay.

Sea Bus

Sea Bus

You can move on the sea taking sea bus. It costs $4.

20 min trip.

Sky Scraper from seaside

Sky Scraper from seaside

Hotel New Grand

Hotel New Grand

You can reach to the front of famous “Hotel New Grand”.

Lovely garden with roses is there.

Only things I needed are sunshine.

The Ultimate Artist of the world, light.


Visiting Yokohama Chinese town

South Gate of Chinese town

South Gate of Chinese town

You can walk to Large Chinese Town from the garden.

Just 10 min walk.

But I saw around and getting dark.

It is fun to see foreign goods and culture.

Hot Chisen noodle

Hot Shinsen noodle

Shrimp fry Spicy

Shrimp fry Spicy

I got very hungry and ate a good Chinese cuisine.

That were so spicy foods.

New wave of culture in Yokohama helped me to imagine as old Artist,Painter felt the same.


Bible say

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

middle part of main street of Chinese town

middle part of main street of Chinese town

Every people enjoying Chinese town.

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