“Mito Kairakuen’ the garden of plum


I traveled to “Mito Kairakuen”, the famous garden of plum.

You can take a train or bus from Tokyo station.

It cost you about US$ 30 and about 3 hours to reach there.

It was a fine day and the last timing to see the plums.

Plum blooms early in spring.

177 years ago “Mito Kairakuen” was the garden of “Mito Tokugawa” family, the relative of “Tokugawa Shogun“.



The garden is huge in the modern world as wide as Central Park, NY.

There is a bamboo forest as you know, the same as “Kyoto”.

To walk through the garden that helps you to refresh.

Please take a little long time to walk around.

The good odor will vitalize your breath.


The plum plum plum trees


The plum is 100 kinds, 3000 are planted here.

The flower color is white or red or pink.

Every road has a different scene.

I feel it is hard to see in a day all of them.

But please walk carefully as the old people did.

No rush.

Fluent time will pass in early spring here.


The sky is clear blue and the flower of plum was light red.

I like light red plum.

The shape of the tree is personal.

177 years make them each attractive enough.

The personality of the plum tree has been evaluated and the famous one has each name.

There is 6 famous tree that has a name.

I think to keep the garden and look around, feel the difference each year is a very attractive hobby.



Please visit “Kobuntei“, the building to enjoy this garden.

It cost you about US$ 3 to get enter. Just purchase a ticket.

Take off your shoes in a bag and carry with you inside.

A load of Mito, Nariaki Tokugawa loved his garden a lot and enjoyed the tea party as well.

You can see the scene as same as 177 years ago.

The difference is to see a modern building and car, train.

And people.

Please feel the early moment of spring in Japan.

So gentle.


Genesis 3:8 ESV 

And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

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