Night fishing for conger eel

Night fishing at Tokyo Bay

Night fishing at Tokyo Bay

Best season is coming.

It is high time for me to fish on the night at Tokyo Bay.

Now the weather is pretty good no rain in Tokyo.

It is warm even in the night.

The fishing boat left from Haneda.

The fishing house name is “Kamiya“.

You can join with other people.

It cost you 7500 Japanese yen, about 75US$.

The rental fishing rod is 300 Japanese yen, about 3US$.

It takes about 30min to reach the fishing point.


Tokyo Bay in Night

Tokyo Bay in Night

My aim is conger eel.

All the people ride with the fishing boat is the same.

You will see the industrial area of Chiba.

It is fantastic and Artistic.


Conger eel

Conger eel

Wow, I got two.

One conger eel is Huge, over 55cm, almost 22inches.

It is a monster.

I never fish such a big one in my life.


Moon in the night at Tokyo Bay

Moon in the night at Tokyo Bay

End of the session I saw a huge moon in the night sky.

The cloud is so beautiful.

If you are the foreigner, do not hesitate to join.

They are a professional fisherman, not to speak English.

You will treat as a guest to enjoy fishing.

Just call.


Late night supper at “Tori kizoku

Beef kushiyaki

Beef kushiyaki

It is hard to find a good place to eat at midnight.

Because I do a low carb diet.

I recommend you all who visit Japan.

Tori Kizoku” is one of the best yakitori restaurants.

All the food, the drink is almost US3$.

Beer, wine, cocktail everything is the same price.

Yakitori has two as US3$.

It is so cheap, but so delicious and low carb.



liver and skin yakitori

liver and skin yakitori

Liver and Skin are my favorite.

Melty and chew with a good flavor.

You should try.

Artistic taste and temptation from heaven.


Matthew 4:19

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

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