Night scene of “Nagasaki”

Night scene of Nagasaki

Night scene of Nagasaki

I got on the ropeway to see the night scene of ‘Nagasaki” city.

It is just amazing.

How beautiful it is!!

Thanks to iPhone camera to take such a splendid picture in an easy way.


You can reach the ropeway by taxi, bus, even on foot.

But there is a free shuttle bus, you have to reserve first, that move in a course to the major hotel.

Please check the web site of “Nagasaki ropeway“.


ticket counter of ropeway

ticket counter of ropeway

In a few minutes, you will be at the ticket counter.

You purchase the ticket.

Round trip ticket cost you about US$13 per person, adult.


ropeway of Nagasaki

ropeway of Nagasaki

Many foreigners are there.

Asian people and European and locals.

The cable car has so crowed like a rush-hour Tokyo.

Lovers can not have a quiet moment at all.


Night scene of Nagasaki

Night scene of Nagasaki

You can come to the top of the mountain by car.

Many private cars were parked there.

I am first to know that the night scene of Nagasaki is one of the major beautiful ones in the world.

HongKong is much greater.

Even New York is much much greater.

Let’s go to the fine restaurant in Nagasaki Cuisine.


Ginnabe” the excellent restaurant of Nagasaki

whale muscle with Ponzu

whale muscle with Ponzu

Ginnabe” is one of the excellent restaurants in Nagasaki.

It has a menu of Nagasaki cuisine, local dish.

You see the first picture.

It called “Kujira Ponzu”, boiled whale muscules with Ponzu.

Ponzu is the sauce mixed soy sauce with fresh lemon.

It is a little bit sour but salty and has a good odor.

Western people who do not eat whales blame the dish like this but there is a long history of Nagasaki and Japan. Over two thousand years.

It becomes to be an ordinal life of Japanese and her culture.

I believe this dish is fine and good taste.


Shimaaji sashimi

Shima aji sashimi

We have a great fishing point near Nagasaki city.

That means you can have fresh seafood.

Shima aji is not cheap seafood but tonight it was recommended.

It cost you just US$9 why you hesitate to try this.

That is incredibly fresh and fatty melty.

Wasabi was fresh also.


pork kakuni tender belly

pork kakuni tender belly

Nagasaki got a great influence from ancient china.

The trade between China and Japan.

Pork kakuni is an easy dish to enjoy.

It is boiled pork belly with soy sauce and sugar.

Sweet and salty.

Result yummy.

Not so much fat.


Hatoshi special dish in Nagasaki

Hatoshi special dish in Nagasaki

Hatoshi is a different Japanese.

It comes from Cantonese.

That means “shrimp toast”.

Actually, hatoshi is the sandwich with chopped shrimp and seafood was deep-fried.

It tastes very good.


Kue or Ara sashimi the best fish

Kue or Ara sashimi the best fish

Kue or Ara is the best fish in Japan.

It lives in the deep sea, so it is rare to get it.

But it has natural oil, omega-3, DHA, EPA in their body.

The flesh is full of amazing taste.

This dish is just US$21 !!

If you have sashimi in Fukuoka or Tokyo, it will be over US$80.

This is why I recommend this restaurant.

Artistic taste and dishes at a reasonable price.

Enjoy Nagasaki.


John 12:36 ESV 

While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.” When Jesus had said these things, he departed and hid himself from them.

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